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Minden-Lübbecke District: Regional Climate Adaptation
Drought, heat, heavy rain – the past few years have shown that the climate is changing. It is precisely the effects of climate change on agriculture, forestry and health that affect a wide range of actors and show cross-relationships with each other. In order to adapt the region to climate impacts, Minden-Lübbecke County is participating […]
2nd round of advisor training for climate adaptation
After the successful advisor training for climate adaptation processes in September 2020, the second round of the training “Qualification as advisor (m/f/d) for climate adaptation processes” will start at the end of 2021. The training was developed within the framework of the Evolving Regions (ER) project by the Bildungszentrum für die Ver- und Entsorgungswirtschaft (BEW) […]
3rd Workshop Tourism
09:00 h
Demo cycle starts in Minden-Lübbecke
09:00 h
Mo – Do
15 – 25


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Wissenschaftlerin/ Koordinatorin Regionale Prozesse in Evolving Regions
Projektleiter Evolving Regions und Wissenschaftler an der SFS