Without climate protection, there can be no future. This year’s flood of the century alone shows that climate change is not coming. It’s already there. And he will stay. Floods as a result of heavy rain are possible anywhere in Germany. It doesn’t matter if or how close you live to a river. We already experienced that heavy rain is unpredictable in Münster and Greven in 2014 and in the municipalities of Laer and Rheine in 2021. In addition, there are the past three record summers, which pose enormous challenges for urban planning as well as forest and agriculture in the district of Steinfurt. So it’s time for us to turn the corner together when it comes to climate protection.

The climate protection podcast #Kurvekriegen of the district of Steinfurt offers exciting discussions with (over)regional actors on topics such as renewable energies, climate education, hydrogen, municipal climate protection, e-mobility and, last but not least, climate change adaptation. In some episodes, citizens receive tips and information on what contribution they can make to a future klimrobust district of Steinfurt.

So feel free to listen and, above all, to participate, so that we can turn the corner together in climate protection! All episodes of the podcast #Kurvekriegen can be found and listened to on these platforms. Further information on the climate protection podcast can be found at www.kreis-steinfurt.de/kurvekriegen.

Have fun!

Sara Vollrodt / Project Coordinator for Climate Adaptation District Steinfurt