In June 2020 the district of Steinfurt started the demo cycle in the regional process within the Evolving Regions project. More than 20 participants from the cities and municipalities belonging to the district, as well as other stakeholders, discussed the topic of urban planning from the aspect of redensification.

Due to the impact of the Corona pandemic, the workshops, which should have been held in person, were held online. In three virtual sessions the participants dealt with visions of the climate-obusted district of Steinfurt in the year 2040, the Institute of Spatial Planning introduced the methodology of climate impact analysis, and group work began to develop concrete measures. After the start of the demo cycle in Steinfurt, a key actors’ workshop will follow in the coming weeks to mark the transition to the main cycle. At the end of the main cycle, the so-called roadmap is an integrated planning document by actors for actors, which will lay the foundation for a climate resilient district of Steinfurt.

The video above summarizes the results of the demo cycle in Steinfurt in German.