In September 2020 the district of Soest successfully completed the demo cycle within the Evolving Regions project. About 15 participants from the district towns and municipalities, as well as other stakeholders, discussed the topic of undeveloped space – dealing with too much and too little water.

Due to the situation in the Corona pandemic, the three workshops, which should have been held in person, took place online.

In the workshops, the climate impact analysis was presented by the Institute of Spatial Planning of TU Dortmund University and measures for various future scenarios were developed in small groups. In January the district of Soest will start the main cycle in which the results of the demo cycle will be further processed. The kick-off event is the key actors’ workshop on 2 December 20, to which a large number of actors are invited to accompany the regional process. The work in the workshops is based on the results of the climate impact analysis and involves the relevant actors. Strategies, priority fields of action and measures are processed and brought together in the regional roadmap. The video above summarises the results of the demo cycle in Soest.